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Captain John Foss
Schooner American Eagle
PO Box 482
Rockland, Maine 04841
Local Phone: 207-594-8007
Fax: 207-594-1001

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If you request a schooner American Eagle brochure and schedule be sent, or if you wish to send us a web inquiry, we will collect your name, address, city, state, county, zip/postal code, and email. This information is protected by our SSL certificate, which is applied site-wide. We do not store your information in our web database. Your information is sent to us through the encrypted forms on the website. We then store that information securely in an encrypted/locked file on a computer that sits behind a secure wireless connection and firewall. We keep it for a period of 36 months.

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If you have sailed with us, we will mail you a couple times a year at most with information about upcoming trips. Because you expressed an interest in and requested information, we will very occasionally mail you a postcard about current trip offerings. If you no longer wish to receive information in the mail from us, please let us know via email, USPS, or by phone and we will remove your information. More details about those contact methods can be found in the “How You Can Opt-Out” section below.

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Our email delivery is serviced by Constant Contact and every email contains the ability to unsubscribe or opt-out. If you no longer wish to receive our emails, we kindly ask that you unsubscribe (or email us at and ask us to remove your email address from our list) as opposed to filing a SPAM report. We do NOT send email to anyone other than those persons who opted in at some point.

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How You Can Opt-Out

You always have the choice to stop receiving e-mail or printed mail from the schooner American Eagle. You have a number of ways you can opt-out:

Email: Please use the unsubscribe link near the bottom of the email you receive from us.
Call us toll-free at 1-800-648-4544 and tell us that you’d rather not receive mail and/or to remove you from email.
E-mail us at and tell us that you’d rather not receive mail and/or to remove you from email.
Use the United States Postal Service to contact us at Schooner American Eagle, P.O. Box 482, Rockland, Maine 04841
No matter how you reach us, we’ll respond to your request promptly.

The schooner American Eagle adheres to the guidelines set forth here as required by both GDPR and PCI Compliance. We assess methods and procedures biannually and we complete a compliance self-assessment annually.

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If you have additional questions about the security of our site or how we handle your information, please e-mail John Foss at