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A Schooner is Born

Launching: June 2, 1930

Gloucester, Mass.

“Standing at her bow, arms laden with flowers, and grasping a bottle of something we used to see much of before Prohibition, Miss Rosalie Murphy, daughter of Captain Patrick Murphy, who will command the craft, smashed the bottle on the shoe of the schooner as she started…”

– Gloucester Daily Times


June 2, 1930

Launched as the Andrew & Rosalie, last fishing schooner built in Gloucester.

June 26, 1930

She leaves on her first fishing trip

May 5, 1941

Renamed American Eagle by then owner Capt. Ben Pine

enamed American Eagle by then owner Capt. Ben Pine

August, 1983

Made last fishing trip

October, 1984

Made it to Rockland, Maine for rebuilding

Schooner American Eagle - Rebuild 1984-86 Captain Foss
Schooner American Eagle - Rebuild 1984 Arrival Rockland Maine


Schooner American Eagle - 1984 Rebuild at North End ShipyardWhen the American Eagle tied up at our North End Shipyard in 1984, 53 years of hard fishing really showed. From then until the spring of 1986, great efforts went into her reconstruction. The ingenuity and expertise of Captain Foss and five other schooner captains completed her restoration.

April, 1986

Schooner American Eagle - 1984 Rebuild Rockland Maine
Schooner American Eagle - 1986 Rebuild

Relaunched after complete rebuild

June, 1986

Schooner American Eagle - 1991 National Historic Landmark sailing the coast of Maine

Sailing the coast of Maine

July 1986

In Parade of Sail, New York for Statue of Liberty rededication


Designated a National Historic Landmark


Sail Boston


First trip to Canada since her fishing days


Sail Boston

Opsail Maine

Schooner American Eagle - Rockland, Maine - Present Day

Today the American Eagle looks and feels like a new boat. Her fair lines, solid timber and tarred rigging are as they were three generations ago when she first went to work in the waters off New England. She was recently designated a National Historic Landmark, and is one of very few sailing vessels licensed for international voyages.


Participated in SailBoston 2009


Twenty fifth season windjamming


Completed our twelfth international cruise to Canada