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What Our Guests Say

Our trip in early June is a bright memory. We could not have enjoyed ourselves more; living on a beautiful boat, the jolly crew taking care of us, Andy’s wonderful food and Katie his wonderful messmate, the sympatico fellow travelers – it’s a great dream with many lovely parts

Bob and Betty Y., Richmond, CA


Yes, dreams really do come true and you helped to make this one come true.  Great cruise!

Lois K., Connecticut


My dear old Dad would say ‘it would take a lot of this to kill you.’

Roger H., Connecticut [proposed to Lois aboard the Eagle]


Now we know how great a windjammer cruise can be!

Bob O., Massachusetts


Another day in paradise with a darling captain and crew.

Helen & Mike K., Illinois


God must have been a sailor.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

Ned S., Kentucky


Surpassed expectations by a long shot.

Rob B., New Jersey


It would be fantastic if all life’s experiences were as exhilarating.

Mildred C., Colorado


Thank you for all 33 trips.  What joy, what beauty, what kindness.

Ray W., New Hampshire


Happiness is an American Eagle.

Peggy & Jean R., New York


Thank you, John, and your crew for the wonderful cruise.  It was just like having been invited to a sailing trip by very good friends.  An extra hand for the cook.

Evelyn R., Germany


Say it isn’t over, please.

John H., Ohio


You took me back to another time – and brought me home again – again.

Hugh S., Pennsylvania


Absolutely wonderful, restive, festive time.

Steve R., Wisconsin


Don’t change a thing!

Jack H., Colorado


How people should be treated.

Patsy G., Ohio


Sipping coffee on deck of the American Eagle in the shadow of the Constitution is an experience I’ll never forget.

Ralph S., Illinois


It was great sailing into Maine history with you.  We’ll be back.

Colin & Marie P., Florida


Super trip.  And may the winds blow your hat off.

Bob P., Massachusetts


We have fallen in love with the American Eagle, her crew, and Maine.

Kate & Leslie F., Pennsylvania


This girl from Iowa had a blast.  Can’t wait to come back.

Beth R., Iowa


Well handled.  Green lights and blue waters.  ‘Bravo Zulu.’

Don S., New Hampshire


We’ll sail with you anytime, anywhere.  Thanks for a joyful experience.

Jacques R., New Hampshire


Another great new adventure.  St. John River well worth the effort!

Pat K., Virginia


Fantastic, funny, relaxing & lots of fun.

Mike & Diane I., New York


The best way to see a piece of Maine – thru the eyes of people who love her.

Roger R., Texas


A huge thanks for a wonderful time.  We can’t decide what was the best:  the singing, the sailing, or the culinary expertise in the galley.  You are fortunate to have such a wonderful crew!

Ryan S., Missouri


A wonderful taste of Yankee seamanship.  Memories will sustain us through the heat.  A lot of fun – thanks!

Laura & Michael T., Texas


Loved every minute.  Could stay all summer.

Ellie D., New Hampshire


Whales-dolphins-lobsters-seals-everything Colorado isn’t.

Ginnie K., Colorado


Sailed all my life and this was the best.

Chuck B., New York


A tight ship, a dry wit, and a full plate.

Gretchen S., Massachusetts


This is the way sailing should be.

George & Cathy D., Pennsylvania


Superb!  Why haven’t we done this before?

Jane & Don D., South Carolina


Why can’t more of life be like this?

Chris T., Massachusetts


Traveling on the Eagle is like being with family – except it’s even more relaxing.

Joe & Susan F., New Jersey


Great honeymoon, great vessel, great captain & crew.  What more is there to life?

Nicholas & Susan F., South Carolina


John is the consummate host, taking great care of every detail while sharing his love of the sea.

Mike & Ann D., California