Lighthouse Parade - Schooner American Eagle

Adventure Photography


September 8-14, 2019

6-night trip

A terrific adventure photographer, Greg Gettens, will be joining us aboard. One picture or many, adventure photography is about telling a story with photos. Sailing on the Schooner American Eagle with its photo-rich environment presents an opportunity to explore your photography skills and tell a story of your adventure. Sunrises, sunsets, and life on a historic schooner combined with shore excursions will provide an abundant amount of photography choices. Sharing the camaraderie and photo techniques with other like-minded photographers on board can inspire your photography experience and improve your skills. Challenge yourself with adventure photography on the Schooner American Eagle. Greg will demonstrate adventure photography techniques aboard and ashore during the trip.

Photographer Greg Gettens By Tim CLarke

Photographer Greg Gettens. Photo by Tim Clarke