Important Schooner American Eagle COVID-19 Information

A note from Capt. John regarding Covid-19

June 22, 2020

           Although we have received the go-ahead from Governor Mills and the CDC to start sailing come July 1, we are obliged to follow the guidelines for restaurants, lodgings, in addition to those that came out last week specifically for windjammers.

            For the well-being of all of us: guests, crew, our families, and our community here in Maine, not carrying passengers on the American Eagle this season is the right choice. We care too much to put anyone at risk. Very reluctantly, we are cancelling the remainder of the 2020 season.

            However, you have options for future trips. There’s another sailing season in me, and the 2021 schedule is in print and on the American Eagle’s website. Next year’s schedule is very close to the one we had for 2020: same cabins, same prices, same great cruising grounds, same captain, and more cleaning. By next season we’ll have a better idea of guidelines and hope there will be a vaccine and clear, sensible, and workable guidelines to protect everyone.

            We look forward to hearing from you and send you our best wishes as always. Be safe, and we hope there is sailing in all our futures.

April 24, 2020

            We are watching the progress of the pandemic closely as we ready the American Eagle for a late start of our sailing season.  At some point the CDC and our Governor will ease up on travel and stay home restrictions, and we plan to be back on the bay shortly thereafter.  It’s frustrating to not be able to provide a clear answer as to when.

            In the meantime, we can reschedule your vacation for later in the season if your dates are flexible, hold your deposit for a future adventure, or refund any deposits you have given us.  Should your trip be cancelled owing to extended CDC orders, we will then refund any return fees.

            What are we doing to make your cruise safe as well as enjoyable?  Your health and well being are as important as our own.  To come aboard for a sail you’ll need to be in good health and free of fever, cough, and any other symptoms of the current virus.  We have always worked to keep the schooner clean as your home afloat, but added precautions planned include more frequent and aggressive cleaning of common areas, handrails, doorknobs, heads, and the shower.  The galley already has stainless steel work surfaces, training in ServSafe™ guidelines, plenty of hot soapy water, bleach rinses for dishes and utensils, and this season even more clean drying towels.  Meals will be served on deck as often as possible with no shared utensils.  Between trips, cabins will be deep cleaned, surfaces sprayed and wiped down; bedding, pillows and mattresses aired and sanitized.

            So bear with us, rebook, refund, rain check as you need to… and be safe and well.