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Welcome Aboard

Welcome to the Schooner American Eagle. Sailing with us is an unparalleled opportunity for adventure, relaxation, culinary delights, and good company all while experiencing the incredible beauty of the Maine coast from the unique perspective of an original historic sailing vessel. 

Our trips are overnight ranging from three to six nights, among the thousands of islands, small bays, and inlets that make up our home waters of Midcoast Maine. Each trip is all-inclusive with meals and accommodation included in your fare. We often do two longer nine-night offshore adventures each season venturing as far north as the Canadian border and as far south as Massachusetts Bay. 

The majority of our trips have no set itinerary, instead we pick the destination that fits best with the wind weather and tide of each day. No matter how long your trip with us is or where we go while you are aboard, each journey is completely unique.

The Maine Coast Awaits

With the zephyrs of each new day filling our sails, we head off to wherever the wind, weather, and tide take us. Today, it may be a small coastal village with a charm and history all its own. On the way we’ll see some of the many different lighthouses that pepper the coastline, visiting places best enjoyed from the water. As we sail along, seals and porpoises may slip in and out of our wake while ospreys and eagles glide above us. 

Tomorrow, we might venture to one of the thousands of secluded islands that fill Penobscot Bay, giving you the chance to explore its trails or enjoy its beaches while our crew prepares a traditional shoreside Maine lobster bake for dinner. After a warm slice of Maine blueberry pie for dessert, enjoy music and stories under the stars or settle into your cozy cabin for the night as the schooner rocks you to sleep.

A Culinary Experience

We are so fortunate in Mid-Coast Maine to have so many incredible local farmers, butchers, coffee roaster and vendors. We try to use as many locally sourced ingredients as the seasons will allow. Fresh produce, seafood, locally butchered meats, frequent our galley. Our menus aboard are constantly changing to utilize the amazing offerings that each part of our season provides. Each meal aboard is prepared on a wood-burning cookstove still in its original spot since 1930. Fresh breads, pastries, and delicious desserts are also a staple taking care to accommodate dietary needs. 

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