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Welcome Aboard

Step aboard the Schooner American Eagle, sailing with us is an incredible mixture of adventure, relaxation, amazing food and good company. It is an unforgettable way to experiencing the Maine coast from a completely unique and exquisite perspective.

Sailing Along the Coast of Maine

Sailing out of Rockland Maine, the 3,000+ islands in our cruising grounds beckon. With the breeze of a new day filling our sails, we will head off to whichever destination fits best for the wind, weather and tide. Each trip is completely unique, as we cut our way through the emerald sea with our sails pulling us onwards. Maybe today we will visit a small coastal village with a charm and history all its own? Or we may head to one of the many deserted islands within our reach for a chance to explore a place few can reach and even fewer can arrive by sail. On our way we may pass some of the 65 different lighthouses along the coast and see places little touched by the passage of time. The many types of wildlife that call our coast their home are always our constant companions. Ospreys, Puffins and Gulls wheel and glide above our heads, seals slip by in our wake and the soft mist of a whale in the distance signals us to go in for a closer look. There is always something to see and admire in every coastal day from the deck of the American Eagle.

Experience Our Menu

Our menu varies each trip to best utilize the amazing local produce and products each part of our season has to offer. With incredible local fresh seafood, fruits and locally grown vegetables of many kinds,  fresh pasta dishes, chowders, stews, roasts, incredible deserts and freshly baked breads, muffins and pastries, there is something for all. All our meals are prepared on a wood-burning cookstove with time honored techniques and methods. We make sure every trip to find just the right spot for a traditional Maine lobster bake on a deserted island beach. Come taste, an unparalleled experience off the coast of Maine.

How Far Do We Go?

We offer a variety of trips ranging in length from 3 to 9 nights from late May to early October. Most of our trips are centered from Penobscot Bay to the eastward, exploring all the little known and incredible places our coast has to offer. With some of our longer adventures taking us as far south as Gloucester, Massachusetts and as far north as the Canadian Border.

The Experience of a Lifetime Awaits

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